Recreate Health 

The "Recreate Health Coalition" is collaboration to address the leading causes of preventable death and disability through their common risk factors of diet, physical activity, and tobacco use.  By developing policies and actions to support healthier food and activity in our environments, we will also see benefits in mental health, social support, and social cohesion. An equity frame can mobilize stakeholders to make these environments more accessible to all. 


To join the Recreate Health Coalition, please contact Sarah Salewski at 715- 421-8926 or


Vision: Wood County will become a national model in efforts to reduce chronic disease.

Mission: To reduce the impact of chronic disease in Wood County by creating community and systems level change by empowering everyone to make healthy choices regarding nutrition and physical activity.

Focus on: Food systems, food promotion/retail, infrastructure improvements, and community-clinical linkages

Our Goals:

  1. Improve the nutrition of Wood County residents through enhanced food systems.

  2. Improve the nutrition of Wood County residents through enhanced health food promotion and retail.

  3. Improve chronic disease referrals and educational trainings through the improvement of community-clinical linkages in Wood County.

  4. Improve the physical activity of Wood County residents through bicycling and walking infrastructure improvements.


Agendas and Downloads

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