Why Do We Do This Work?

Local Health Department Requirements

Since 1993, Wisconsin county health departments have been required to complete a Community Health Improvement Process every 5 years under Wisconsin Statute Chapter 251 Section 05.

The process includes two major parts.
1. A Community Health Assessment (CHA)

Team leads and steering committee members conduct large online and paper surveys, focus groups at locations serving populations with the most need, and key stakeholder interviews.

We use this information from community residents and pair it with local, county, and state level data to prioritize health issues in Wood County.

2. Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

The HPWC team creates action plans with goals and objectives around the health issues identified through the CHA. These action plans help partners see where they could best utilize resources and capacity to accomplish the work! Each health issue is facilitated by a HPWC Team Coordinator; each team focuses on on health priority area; creating our teams - Mental Health Matter, AOD Prevention Partnership, and Recreate Health.

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Health System Requirements

The Affordable Care Act, enacted March 23, 2010, added new requirements under IRS section 501(r) - one of these requirements was to complete a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) - Section 501(r)(3).

Hospitals must complete a CHNA every three years and adopt an implementation strategy to address the health needs identified through the process - much like a health department CHIP!

To reduce duplication and better utilize resources, the Wood County Health Department, Aspirus Hospital and Clinic, and Marshfield Health System, complete a Community Health Assessment (CHA/CHNA) and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) together!